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The No-Nonsense Baseball Player’s Guide To Peak Performance-Short Version


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What others are saying about The No-Nonsense Baseball Player’s Guide To Peak Performance:


“Dude. This is freaking awesome. Amazingly detailed, valuable information. I’m not sure what I’m more impressed with; your research, your ability to present the information in such a clear and precise natural way, or the actual information, processes, and videos that you share in the book. This is a home run! Really good stuff!”

-Jack Jones (Former Cal State Fullerton Shortstop, ’95 CWS National Champion)

“I’ve had the pleasure to get to know Brian and I can say that he is dedicated to helping players reach their potential. With “The No-Nonsense Baseball Player’s Guide To Peak Performance”, he provides a road-map for improving all aspects of your game. Players, coaches, and parents will benefit from the book’s info, drills, and insights.”

-Jerry Brewer (Hitting Instructor, EBHI)

“Brian has taken my game from an average high school player to an elite college player, with a chance to play at the next level through his knowledge and dedication to make me better.”

-Hayden Duer (Catcher, Cal State Monterey Bay)

“This book truly has everything you need to become a better player. I have stuck to the concepts in this book and I couldn’t believe the results that came with it.”

-Nicholas Maestas (High School Freshman)